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Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Sciences

Chair of Mathematics VI Nonlinear Analysis and Mathematical Physics

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Team of Prof. Dr. Thomas Kriecherbauer


The research conducted at the working group includes the following topics:

  • dynamics of completely integrable systems
  • evolution of stochastic correlations
  • asymptotic analysis of Riemann-Hilbert problems
  • random matrix theory


Team of Prof. Dr. Gerhard Rein


The research of the working group focuses on nonlinear partial differential equations for the description of large ensembles of particles interacting via self-consistent forces, e.g.

  • Vlasov-Poisson system,
  • Vlasov-Maxwell system,
  • Einstein-Vlasov system,

motivated by problems from astrophysics (dynamics of galaxies, formation of black holes) and plasma physics. Typical questions:

  • initial value problem, local/global existence,
  • stationary solutions and their stability or instability,
  • time periodic, pulsating solutions,
  • gravitational collapse.

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